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Local Content fast-tracked Initiative (LCFI)

SRDE partners with local agencies and world bodies to harness local resources to build a one world program of action to ensure the development of the local communities, empower the peri-urban dwellers, especially women, to eradicate mass illiteracy and ensure protection and opportunity for all young people of productive age through local content initiatives, self empowerment schemes, skill acquisition programs etc.

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For Water. For Health. For Life.

There’s magic in our motivation: our unblinking belief that we can eradicate childhood disease, poverty and unclean environment — so that one day, like magic, every human can live in comfort, joy and happiness.


SRDE workforce is built on people like you who are passionate to serve. In SRDE we offer you the opportunity to scatter your bread upon the waters so that you will find them later among men. It is all about selfless service to humanity. Share your time, energy, talent and passion with people from various backgrounds and affiliations to save millions of lives in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and build a decent world for all.


  • By volunteering for SRDE program you will have the opportunity to enrich yourself with a wealth of knowledge and a perspective that will enable you to contribute meaningfully to society and to your profession.
  • Volunteering will be an opportunity for you to do something different from your daily routine job without making any serious long term commitment
  • Volunteering will also provide you with an opportunity for self development and risk –taking while providing a valuable grounding for the future practices.
  • Volunteering will be an opportunity for personal satisfaction by helping others through your positive contribution to the society.

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You may need to be heard in your immediate environment; join our aggressive campaign train. Campaign against tragic disease burden; against threatening health crisis; against unemployment, and against poverty in Africa, Asia and South America.


Your voice can save millions of lives in these poor regions of the world. Preach adequate hygiene and sanitation, preach safe and quality water, preach environmentally friendly attitude, and just preach unhindered access to development and empowerment opportunities. Speak out through our channels. Campaign for the eradication of Malaria, and HIV.

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By donating to us, you are keeping the good work going.

Please reach out to us by sending a mail to or by fill the information below so that we may get in touch with you or by simply using the “Donate” Link below to make a donation via our web payment platform:

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