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SRDE is a non profit making, non- governmental organization whose programs and activities centers on building a  global healthy society where all men and women are fully empowered and developed, with special focus on rural population of the poor nations of Africa, Asia and South America.

Using education, reorientations, campaign and action mobilization as its operational medium, SRDE is poised to save millions of lives in Africa, Asia and Latin America on critical areas of  sanitation and water provision , environmental sustainability and rural development/empowerment.

In the area of health, the SRDE team is rekindling a new wave of sanitation and hygiene consciousness while working to halt the prevailing water crises threatening rural dwellers through safe and quality water provision and equipping the local people with simple and sustainable water treatment and storage techniques.

We aggressively campaign for the prevention, control and eradication of killer diseases/infections, with special focus on malaria and HIV/AIDS. Our aggressive campaign against unfriendly environmental and waste management attitudes is proactively addressing the threatening problems of environmental degradation and ecological crisis affecting the survival of the rural poor whose livelihood largely depends on their physical environment. In these poor regions, SRDE is poised to change lives among the local people through our Local Content Fast-tracked Initiatives(LCFTI) on rural development and youth empowerment packages with the help of our local and international partners.

Through our Rural Community Information Coordinating Organ (RCICO), we monitor rural incidences and trends, and through LCFTI we mobilize available local resources and means to foster solutions to these global problems.

Need for action

Daily we are fed with endless horrible news and scenes of poverty, hunger ,environmental disaster and disease from Africa, Asia and South America. Today, in the poor nations of these regions, around ...

Partnership Network

Founded and powered by actors of diverse affiliations and backgrounds, SRDE is built on a proactive public/private partnership (PPP) framework, with other interested relevant players, towards a common goal of changing the fortune of the poor population in the third world.

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