SRDE workforce is built on people like you who are passionate to serve. In SRDE we offer you the opportunity to scatter your bread upon the waters so that you will find them later among men. It is all about selfless service to humanity. Share your time, energy, talent and passion with people from various backgrounds and affiliations to save millions of lives in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and build a decent world for all.



You may need to be heard in your immediate environment; join our aggressive campaign train. Campaign against tragic disease burden; against threatening health crisis; against unemployment, and against poverty in Africa, Asia and South America.

Your voice can save millions of lives in these poor regions of the world. Preach adequate hygiene and sanitation, preach safe and quality water, preach environmental friendly attitude, and just preach unhindered access to development and empowerment opportunities. Speak out through our channels. Campaign for the eradication of Malaria, and HIV.


SRDE Africa partners with organizations such as Non-governmental organizations, international   Agencies, professional associations, societies and corporate organizations in building a consensus for action through dialogue and redefinition of misplaced values.

Become a corporate partner by being a part of this project of building and sustaining a health society.
In this partnership SRDE Africa welcomes corporate organizations, local and international Agencies and non governmental organizations that are involved in the real and sustainable development of the poor rural population of the world.

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