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Welcome - SRDE Africa

SRDE is a non profit making, non- governmental organization whose programs and activities centers on building a  global healthy society where all men and women are fully empowered and developed, with special focus on rural population of the poor nations of Africa, Asia and South America.



team8From a very humble beginning, Paul C. Ezenwa, a young resourceful Nigerian pharmacist, has come to be a promising voice in the third world development forum.
 A graduate of  B.Pharmacy from Africa’s  famous University of Nigeria, Nsuka, Nigeria, one of the continent’s prestigious institutes, , Mr. Paul has been part of, and contributed immensely to many  resource seminars and workshops  both within and outside Africa, on health, environmental sustainability and rural development, especially as it concerns the third world development agenda.

Paul, who is a former staff of Skylark Pharmaceutical and Chemical Company Ltd and the director of Pen Wills Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Company, Nigeria believes that we can’t exploit nature beyond, ignore the supreme value of human health, nor abandon the fragile but volatile young people at the mercy of the forces of our present anti-people policies without grave consequences. Hence we need to mobilize a global consensus for action to address the problem of the persistence of biting mass poverty and deteriorating standards in Africa, Asia and Latin America.” Our only way out is conscious commitment to poverty and disease eradication in the suburbs of the poor nations’’ Paul believes.  
 Paul who spent some time with theNational Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development. (NIPRD) Idu Abuja, Nigeria, was the body’s delegate at the just concluded training On Anti – retroviral Management and Adherence issues in Low Resource settings.  Boston U.S.A 2007. The rest of his profile includes


  • March 2005:  Skylark Pharmaceutical and Chemical Company Ltd
  • Portfolio:        Pharmacist
  • Duties:           Sales and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Feb 2006:      HIV Clinic Unit
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Quality Control Unit
  • Microbiology and Virology Unit,
  • Medicinal Plant Research Unit
  • Pharmaceutical Technology and Manufacturing Unit,
  • All in National Institute For Pharmaceutical Research And Development. (NIPRD) Idu Abuja, Nigeria
  • Portfolio:       Pharmacist/Scientist

Therapeutic Considerations in HIV Therapy  - Abuja 2005
Training On Enhancing Competency in Writing Scientific Papers. – Abuja 2006.
Seminar on Nitro-imidazole a new drug for treatment of Tuberclosis.

Today, as the chairman of the Society for rural Development and Empowerment (SRDE) Paul is transforming the organization into a broad rallying point for pro-active development experts and partners to achieve the MDG’s health and development targets for the 3rd world population.


team6A young and resourceful Nigerian pharmacist, Francis E. Edozie has lived all his life on the edges of humanitarianism and rural development, especially as it concerns the rural population of Nigerian suburbs, with proven interest in sanitation, safe and quality water supply.

Graduating with B.Pharmacy from Africa’s prestigious institute, the University of Nigeria, Nsuka, Nigeria, Francis has attended and contributed immensely to many seminars and workshops on health, environmental sustainability and rural development, especially as it concerns the third world development agenda. With a running master’s course on public health, Francis believes that what the 3rd world health and environmental crises demand is a passionate commitment to save the endangered species whose survivals are daily threatened by health and environmental crises of unimaginable proportion.” My strong conviction is that life becomes meaningful when there is food for the hungry poor, Shelter for the homeless and care for the sick’’ says Francis.  

He began his moves to world class exposure in pharmacy and administration, when in 2004 he joined the food and drugs department of Nigerian federal ministry of health where he worked under some of Africa’s rare breeds in the health industry.
Later Francis joined the medical team of Nigeria’s upper and lower legislative chambers, the National Assembly Clinic where he was involved in drug administration and other sensitive responsibilities
Francis, who has been a fulltime and visiting pharmacist to several pharmacies including Skylark Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Company ltd and Astranad Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Company Ltd. says life is best lived when it is dedicated to serving the course of the underprivileged peri-urbans.  Today as the Executive Director of the Society for Rural Development and Empowerment, (SRDE), Francis is   building a sustainable framework and a pro-active interface that will support the new global partnership drive aimed at delivering MDG’s health and rural development agenda. 


team1An upcoming African socio-political analyst, information development and policy formulation expert, Anselm I. Okwuaku is developing the SRDE information, policy and strategy directorate into a dynamic interface for both sustainable rural development and empowerment advocacy.
 Born in the eastern part of  Nigeria, Anselm began his journey to prominence in the information and media world when, at a very young age, he flooded local Newspapers with fascinating articles and analyses that raised mind boggling issues of public interest, especially as it concerns  Africa and Asia in the  3rd wave of civilization.

A philosophy graduate of the Pontifical Urbaniana University Rome, and The Federal University of Uyo, Nigeria, Anselm began his move to media stardom, when in 2001, while still an undergraduate, he was appointed to join the editorial advisory team of a local branch of Justice and Peace International, emerging the Associate Editor of the group in 2002. In 2003 Anselm was appointed to join the editorial advisory team of the famous Bigard Memorial Seminary Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria (Now St. Joseph Memorial Seminary.). By the end of 2003, he rose to become the Editor –in –Chief of the Sign Magazine, one of the apex publications of the prestigious institution, and by 2004, Anselm had become a media and information research and development rare breed.

Hence, immediately after his graduation in 2004, Anselm was appointed the Editor of the catholic diocese of Orlu, Nigeria, to head the Diocese’s Forum Newspapers and also function as Assistant to the Lord Bishop on publicity and media, including the efficient administration of the domestic correspondence, with his team. He also liaised with the Vatican Associate Press to bring Vatican News to local catholic faithfuls in Nigeria.

Leaving a legacy behind in 2005, Anselm became an employee of the United Nations Forum for Arts and Culture (UNFAC) Nigeria, where he held sway in secretarial responsibilities/ information development and management. Later he became a delegate to represent the UN Forum for Arts and Culture (UNFAC) Country Ambassador, at UN sponsored FG conferences and workshops on desertification and drought in Africa, especially as it affects rural development in northern Nigeria.
Opal Awards International also had him as a contract staff where he was involved with the organization’s promotions and negotiation team.
Today, as the Director of Information, Policy and Strategy(DIPS) of the Society for Rural Development and Empowerment (SRDE), Anselm says his passion is to invest all his experiences and proven potentials into the present global crusade to help the poor and rural populations of Asia, Africa and Latin America, live above poverty level. Some of his unpublished articles include:

  1. International Development Commitments and Complex Bureaucratization: Why We Can’t Deliver MDGs to the 3rd World.
  2. Beyond the Leon Sullivan Mission: Can Hope Masters Save A Despondent Africa? And,
  3. The African Virgina: The Parable of the Endangered Species


Born in the western part of Nigeria, Ejiro has acquired a lot of experience to support her drive to be successful in life. A pharmacist by profession who has spent greater part of her life on the edge of humanitarian services said “..all I want to do is to serve”






A female Nigerian microbiologist who has deep interest in public health. Akwaugo singled-out herself in her drive to attain the peak of her carrier. Endowed with rich analytical and communicating skill which has seen her do so well in marketing. Her excellent ability in carrying out research work was visible during her appointment with the United Nations Development Organisation (UNIDO) where she assisted the Regional Director in data collection with the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) to update Scientific data on the Biology, Ecology, Population dynamics and Conservation requirements of marine and coastal targeted species. Akwaugo’s good analytical mind earned the treasurer position in SRDEAfrica.




A female Nigerian Chartered Chemist, also has a post graduate diploma in education owing to her passion to teach and empower the youths. A passion driven personality and  an agent of positive change who will go any length to mentor, influence and impart positively to the younger generation. Stella has participated in various academic conferences and workshops.






team4Rare specie of the Northern extraction, Binta Dantsoho Saeed BSc, MSc, MNIM, CPA, MTMFA has become a brand face in Strategic Planning, Corporate Negotiation and Tactics, Project Development, Monitoring, Project Management and Public Administration. Having graduated from the University of Maiduguri, Borno State with B.Sc (Hon.) Political Science and Public Administration, Binta moved to Bayero University, Kano Nigeria in 1998 to bag Masters in Banking & Finance.

With several courses in Business Writing Style & Technique, Total Quality Management, Computer Appreciation, Marketing of Financial Services, Basic Accounting, Negotiation Strategies and Tactics, attended both locally and internationally, and with proactive memberships in several professional bodies including: Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), Institute of Certified Public Accountant of Nigeria (ICPAN), The Institute of Treasury, Management and Financial Accountants of Nigeria(ITMFAN), Binta has appeared as one of Africa’s finest breeds in Modern trends of Strategic Thinking, Financial Management and administration, and human development.

Her field experiences include:  Continental Merchant Bank (1989), Assistant Manager, Industrial Bank Ltd (Merchant Bank) where she at different times served with the Treasury Department, Head Office, Lagos as the Assistant Treasury Officer (1990-96), Operation Department, Lagos Head Office (1996) and as the Head of Treasury Investment (1996–Sept.1997). From 1998 – 2001 Binta was moved to The Presidency to take charge as the Principal Project Officer, Kano State office of the Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP). In August 2001, still with The Presidency, she was redeployed to National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) as the Assistant Chief Monitoring Officer GL 13/3. On the 2nd of Octerber Binta took up her present position as the Manager (Internal Audit) GL 14, of the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA) Headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria. All with various complex sub-responsibilities and duties attached.
Today,  with this rare icon as a proactive and resourceful  member of its advisory board, SRDE`s directorates bank so much on Binta’s world class experience and exposures to build a dynamic interface of advocacy,rural development and human  empowerment among the third world poor populations.


team3A female Nigerian pharmacist, Dr. Chinwe  V. Ukwe has garnered enough world class experiences to support her drive to be  resourceful  in  the global crusade to  eradicate the monsters of  poverty   and  disease  threatening  the  third  world   nations . Born in the southern pat of Nigeria, Chinwe graduated in 1984 with B.Pharm, from one of Africa’s most prestigious institute, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.
She has participated actively in almost all the activities of  Enugu State Branch of PSN and was one of the resource persons during the 2005 Enugu State Annual PSN Conference. Member and Coordinator, University of Nigeria branch of National Association of Pharmacists in Academics. Dr. Chinwe Ukwe has attended and participated in almost all the NAPA National Conferences organized by this technical group. Since 2000, she has been a resource person for both West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists (WAPCP) and Mandatory Continuing Professional Development organized by PCN in collaboration with PSN. Chinwe has participated in various academic conferences and workshops both locally and internationally.


A Senior Lecturer/Lecturer1 in the College of medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria and a renowned public health consultant with the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, Dr. (Mrs) Kofoworola Abimbola Odeyemi has appeared on the  scene as force to reckon with in the global crusade to save Africa and the rest of the third world from the worst human and environmental health crises ever seen.
Graduating in 1987 with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S)from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, Abimbola Odeyemi proceeded to bag  Master of Public Health (MPH) with the 1994/95 Session of the University Of Lagos Nigeria. With Certificate on Adolescents and Access to SexualityEducation in Africa from Sexuality Institute,African Regional Sexuality Reource Centre, Lagos, Nigeria, and Diploma in cancer prevention and control from the National Cancer Institute , NIH, Bethesda, MD , USA, Kofoworola is an Associate fellowWest African Postgraduate Medical College and Fellowship of the National Postgraduate Medical College in the Faculty of PublicHealth. (FMCPH).
A celebrated icon of medicine and surgery, and a proactive Gates fellow, Bill and Melinda Gates institute, Johns Hopkins University, USA,  born in the western part of Nigeria, Kofoworola has attended several conferences and Workshops, both locally and internationally on public health issues.
Other relevant world class experiences include her present position as the Resource person: Courses in public health, research methodology and management by the faculty of Public Health, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. And from 2001- till date she has served as resource person at various workshops, advocacy meetings, and community based projects and seminars, including those organized by Federal Ministry of Health,Network for the Prevention of Maternal Mortality (NPMM), Nigerian Girls Guide Association, the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN), and several local Non Governmental Organizations.
With over 20 articles in local and international journals, Dr. K. A. Odeyemi has attained local and international professional affiliations, which include:

  1. Fellow, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria.
  2. Member, West African College of Physicians.
  3. Member, Nigerian Medical Association
  4. Member, Association of Publichealth Physicians of Nigeria.
  5. Member, Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria.

Today, Odeyemi is bringing her world class exposures and experiences to bear on the goal and vision of SRDE.


team2Born in an eastern suburb of Africa’s Nigeria, Wilfred Ifeanyi Okonkwo, started a journey that has seen him today as one of Africa’s high profiled energy research and development scientists. Graduating in 1998
from the University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria, with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, Wilfred joined a pro-active crusade to build a sustainable energy system that would form the basic structure for the
developing and underdeveloped economies of the 3rd world nations of Africa, Asia and South America.
In 1993 and 2000 he proceeded to undertake his masters and doctorate programs respectively, Agricultural Engineering, with one of Africa’s most prestigious institute, the university of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria.
He also had various training on electrical power expansion and solar applications. Now, Head ofUnit,SolarEnergy/Geothermal,National Centre for Energy Research and Development, University of  
Nigeria,Nsukka, Nigeria, Dr Ifeanyi has attended other short courses that include: (i)Regional TrainingCourse(RTC) on Electric Power System Expansion Planning using Wien Automatic System Planning Package(WASP) organized by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),(ii)Course on Distributed LaboratoryInstrumentation Systems, ICTP, Trieste, Italy, (iii)6th International Training course on Solar EnergyApplication, Gansu Natural Energy researchInstitute, China,. Ifeanyi, who has had other various work experiences  at the National Centre for Energy Research and Development, University of  Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria, including: Senior Research Fellow/Senior Lecturer, Research Fellow 1/Lecturer 1,  is a member of various professional bodies including  International Solar Energy Society (ISES), Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Solar Energy Society of Nigeria (SESN), Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers (NIAE).
With a good number of  administrative, committee, and organizational experiences at both local and national levels  to his credit, Dr Ifeanyi Okonkwo  has been involved in so many energy development and research funded projects , including Construction of prototypes of Passive Solar Energy Poultry Chick Brooding Systems for Commercial trials in Enugu State, Nigeria, year 2000, funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) under the University Industrial – Science Partnership (UNISPAR) programme, and others.
He has attended more than 18 learned conferences, mostly international, including World Renewable Energy Congress-X, Glasgow, Scotland., Awareness Creation Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness, organized by Tell Magazine in Collaboration with Songhai Research Centre Port Nove, Port Novo Benin Republic. Workshop on Material Science and Physics of Non-Conventional Energy sources, ICTP, Trieste, Italy, and International Solar Energy Application Training Workshop, Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute, China.
With so many publications to his credit, Ifeanyi has won many awards and prizes.
Today, as a  proactive member of the SRDEAfrica advisory board,  this African rare breed is bringing his experience to bear on this special course being pioneered by SRDEAfrica and its partners within the third world countries, in its attempt to save the poor and the vulnerable populations. His advisory role on the SRDEAfrica environmental health and sustainability programmes and initiatives is expected to take the organization’s vision to the next level, especially on local content fastrack initiatives to save the physical environment on which the lives of the  poor majority largely dependent.


team5An astitute administrator, Ejoh Michael Chukwuemeka is the Director Research, Planning and Statistics at the NYSC Directorate Headquarters Abuja, Nigeria.
Born in the Eastern part of Nigeria, he graduated with Diploma D Etudes Francais (CLCF Dakar) in 1976 from the University of Dakar, Senegal, and B.A. French of the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 1977. In 1 989, Ejoh bagged his Certificate in Public Enterprises Management of the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria( ASCON) , and by 2003 has finished his studies at the Graduate School of Business Administration of the famous University of Witeratersand, Johannesburg, South Africa, where he bagged Certificate in New Ventures Creation. Later in 2007, was to undertake Research methodology and planning for Directing of Research and Research Executives with The Management School, Alperton London.

After a preliminary career exposure with Abusi Odumare Comprehensive College, Ijebu-Igbo, Ejoh moved to the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) where till date he has held sway in various positions and locations nationwide as a time tested statistician and researcher, strategist and public administrator. In 1991 Ejoh became the Pioneer Director of the NYSC secretariate, Dutse- Jigawa state till 1993.
He was redeployed in 1995 to Minna , Niger state as the State Director, NYSC Secretariate till 2001, when he left the northern region to the eastern state of Enugu as the State Director, NYSC Secretariate. Ejoh was later to be appointed the Director, Community Development Services, NYSC Directorate Headquarters, FCT Abuja, and later as Director, Corps Mobilization Department, NYSC Directorate Headquarters, Abuja. Today he is the Director Research, Planning and Statistics at the NYSC Directorate Headquarters Abuja, Nigeria. As an involved member of the advisory board of the Society for Rural Development and Empowerment, Ejoh Michael Chukwuemeka’s in-depth exposures in rural development services, mobilization and administration is shaping SRDE’s move to realise its primary goal and vision.


chidi picFully committed to a life of humanitarianism and service to humanity, Chidi Obioha C. has joined SRDE Africa board as a symbol of change.
Born in Eastern Nigeria, Chidi holds a bachelors degree in Sociology/Anthropology from Imo State University, Owerri in the South Eastern Part of Nigeria, and has contributed immensely in areas of organisational strategy and management.
A professional banker of repute, Chidi, who has worked with several financial institutions,  has been part of various professional workshops and seminars especially as it bothers on the strategic management of human relations in modern organisations. He has also delivered lectures with mind boggling issues on the prospects and challenges of rural development in the 21st century.

As a banker Chidi has a very wide experience that cuts across many areas in modern commercial banking. His work experiences include:

  • Oceanic Bank Int’l Plc, with responsibilities as  Head of marketing public sector/retail banking unit, Liability generation, deposit sourcing and placements, Risk asset creation and management, and Carrying out other duties as may be directed by the manager or top management.
  • Diamond Bank Plc International
  • and Manny Bank Plc, all in Lagos, Nigeria.

By the end of 2004, Chidi has proceeded to bag his Masters(MBA) in Financial Management from the Lagos State University Ojo.
As a member of the SRDEAfrica advisory board, the organisation looks forward to draw much from his experience in various fields of life.

Mrs Edith Ndidi Nwanerih

edithpicWith a strong passion for advocacy in rural development and human empowerment, especially in rural agriculture to build rural self-sufficiency, Edith Nwanerih has appeared today as one of the voices in the global crusade to end poverty and disease among poor populations and vulnerable groups.

Edith, who has spent 20 years of her life as a professional banker and financial manager, holds an HND Secretarial Administration from Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, and Masters in Business Administration (MBA Marking) from the University of Lagos Akoka, Lagos.A Branch Manager with the Intercontinental Bank Plc, Edith has worked with different banks, while holding various positions ranging from Head of Customer Service, Coordinator-Customer Care &Personal Banking, Head of Clearing, Head of Operations, Head of Marketing, and Branch Manager. Having crisscrossed the core units of the industry, she has appeared as one of the finest brains of the banking, including Operations unit, Credit, Marketing and Managerial units.

Her work experience include: Continental Merchant Bank CMB (former Chase Merchant Bank 1987-1989) where she worked as the Personal Assistant to Head of Credit and Corporate Finance Department, and underwent several courses including Developing Management Skill and others.
From 1989- March 2001, Edith worked with ECOBank Nigeria Plc where she worked as Relationship/Account Officer, Head of Credit and Marketing, Head of operations, and later as \branch manager to four different branches.In March 2001, Mrs. Edith Nwanerih moved to Intercontinental Bank Plc, where till date she has excelled as Branch Manager to Four different branches of the bank, winning numerous awards in various areas of her career field, especially in growth engineering and monitoring, and strategic management in banking administration.

Aside her banking experience, Edith’s in-depth knowledge and passion in areas of skill development and human empowerment makes her the right material and one of the most needed resource persons to handle the global challenges of the 21st century. Fundamentally, Edith believes that the global threats of hunger, poverty and disease among poor and vulnerable groups could be reversed with programmes and initiatives that will guarantee self sufficiency among affected populations.As a member of the advisory board of the SRDE Africa, Edith will bring her wealth of experience to bear on the organisation’s programmes and initiatives to end poverty and disease among poor populations of the world.

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