If there is any primary purpose for which SRDE was formed, it is to primarily respond more proactively to the evident global development/empowerment inequities hitting the poor nations of the world. Every other component of SRDE’s objective; health, environment, are  all aimed at helping the organization to meet this overall objective of   development/empowerment, with special focus on two primary target groups: the poor and illiterate rural dwellers living on less than a dollar per day, and the young population of productive age bracket roaming the streets of Africa, Asia and Latin America unemployed, uninformed, or even out rightly uneducated – typically underdeveloped and underpowered. 


Unfortunately these two most vulnerable target groups constitute more than 80% of the total population of the third world nations.The daily increase of private armies, militancy, conflicts, terrorism and youth restiveness resulting from an age long frustration and under utility is creating overlapping tensions in the world web.  These things are interconnected.  The Nigerian Niger Delta crisis and those of the Middle East, with their attendant global effects have confirmed that this problem is neither a Nigerian nor Middle East thing, it is a global thing.  It is the collective problem of our shared humanity.

As stated in the introductory part of this policy document, SRDE’s emergence is in response to this question.  In SRDE, we accept the opinion of many passionate individuals and groups that we have stood at the cross road of change for too long. Hence, the most appropriate time to usher in series of proactive and pro-people reforms and initiatives, to bring development to those that need it most – the third world, is now or never.

Though efforts have been made, all these while, by other actors, SRDE is introducing a new dimension into the global crusade to end these global problems.  In this new dimension, more emphasis is laid on the local contents of reforms and initiatives introduced by the people and government of affected localities.

Hence, using the unique operational framework tagged “Local Content Fast treated Initiatives (LCFI) built on a public – private partnership (PPP) framework,  SRDE partners with local, state, national, international governments, international agencies and world bodies to harness local resources to build a one world program of action to ensure the development of the local communities, empower the peri-urban dwellers, especially women, to eradicate mass illiteracy and ensure protection  and opportunity for all young people of  productive age through local content initiatives, self empowerment schemes, prosumer initiatives, skill acquisition programs, rural development initiatives, local industrialization scheme, micro financing packages, zero start entrepreneurship schemes, small scale industrialization schemes, small and medium enterprises packages, capacity building programs, job creation and wealth creation initiatives, and youth crisis management initiatives.