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SRDE is a non profit making, non- governmental organization whose programs and activities centers on building a  global healthy society where all men and women are fully empowered and developed, with special focus on rural population of the poor nations of Africa, Asia and South America.

SRDE was established by incorporation by trustees as a registered not for profit organization 

The Board

The activities of SRDE are regulated by a board of trustees who also ensures that the resources of the organization are well managed in accordance with the set objectives.

Currently SRDE has (twelve) trustees who commit their time and energy voluntarily to see that the activities of SRDE are in conformity with the laws guiding NGO’s in Nigeria.

The Executive Director

The board appointed SRDE’s Executive Director who has the responsibility of managing the organization.


SRDE has a very complex administrative structure and network, which makes for efficiency, value and standard, sustainability and accountability in the organization’s drive to change lives and make strong positive impacts in the global society, in accordance with its set objectives, and in due compliance with the local and international laws that guide the operations of  non profit /non-governmental organizations.

The administrative network consists of two major arms which include the executive and the directorate arms, collectively forming the executive board.

  • The executive arm: these consists of the Office of the Chairman and the Office of the Executive Director, and the directorates forms the highest active presiding body in the administration of the organization, in close relationship with the advisory board members.
  • The directorate arm consists of three cardinal directorates which include:
    1. The Directorate of information, Policy and Strategy (DIPS).
    2. The Directorate of Finance, Materials, and Aids (DFMA).
    3. The Directorate of Personnel and Administration (DPA).

Each directorate, headed by a director, is made up of departments headed by heads of departments, while each department is divided into offices headed by field officers.

The Directorate of Information, Policy and Strategy consists of three departments:

  1. The department of Information, which includes (1), Information development and Communication office (11) Publicity and Media office
  2. The department of Policy, which includes (1) Ethics and Standard office.
  3. The department of Strategy, which includes (1) Planning and Statistics office, (11) Programs and logistics office, (111) Monitoring and Evaluation office

The Directorate of Finance, Materials and Aids is made up of two departments:

  1. The department of Finance, which includes (1) Budget and Expenses office (11) Account and            Audit office and,
  2. The department of Material s and Aids, which includes (1) Utility and Evaluation office

The Directorate of Personnel and Administration consists of two departments:

  1. The Department of personnel, which includes (1) Human resources and recruitment office (11)Public Relations office and, (111) Staff and Volunteer Management office
  2. The department of Administration, which include (1) Internal Administration office and, (11) External Administration office

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