Envirometal Sustainability Advocacy and Campaign

In no area of  life have we paid lip serve or better put, played to the gallery, in our campaign for the development and empowerment of the rural dwellers and the teeming young population, than in this single area of environmental sustainability.  The campaign is deafening, yet the irony is so betraying, and the evident failures are very glaring.  And if there is any area in which there is an urgent need for an aggressive re-orientation campaign, it is in this all important area of environmental sustainability

In SRDE, we are partnering with other relevant and key players in the environmental and industrial sectors to give proactive responses to these teething problems facing the poor peri-urban dwellers and unprotected employees.

While approaching the environmental/industrial issues, SRDE follows a three pronged view as put forward by one of the world’s most prestigious sustainability think tank, Bob Willard; that:

  1. The goal of corporation is to survive and prosper, to be a sustainable enterprise. To achieve this goal, companies must create more values than they consume, maintain their social license to operate with their stakeholders, innovate , and adapt to continual and rapid change, while attracting and retaining customers and employees.he goal of societies is to survive and prosper, to be sustainable social systems. To achieve this goal, people around the globe must fulfill their present needs within the capacity of the planet, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
  2. the goal of the environment is to survive and prosper, to be a sustainable ecological system. If it is to achieve this goal, people cannot keep extracting minerals, heavy metals, oils, and gas from the earth’s crust and returning them as garbage faster than nature can absorb them. Similarly, humankind cannot keep generating synthetic materials and toxic substances and throwing them away faster than they can decompose or nature can absorb them. Nor can people increasingly degrade the ability of fish, bird, forest, plant, and animal sources and micro organisms to sustain and regenerate themselves.