Comparative risk assessment reports have given water supply and sanitation a center stage in the global health crisis – “Every disease burden is directly linked to the prevailing water crisis and sanitary burden” says Sakov, an independent prestigious think tank.  “Salvage the decay in sanitary/hygiene cultures of the people and, the diseases burden becomes a non issue”, says an independent observer.  “Of what purpose is an emergency medical intervention to person who cooks with, baths with and drinks infected water?” a WHO Joint monitory Programme country observer asked.

“Can we still by 2015 meet the MDG’s health target if we circumvent the global sanitation and water crises?” is a question that keeps running all through.  The threat is very high and the network is very delicate.  In the global health burden, water crisis, sanitation crisis and the environmental burden of disease are inextricably linked and require an integrated approach, while still being sensitive to the particular issues they raise and, the individual threats they pose to global health, so that no single perspective is left out in the daily global efforts to relieve our shared humanity of  this age long burden.